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Outdoor, Hiking, Mountainbike Maps

You are allowed to use 4UMaps for private, non commercial use only.

You are allowed to add 4UMaps into non commercial desktop applications or into non commercial apps.

In this case, add a link from your application to the 4UMaps website, and also a link from your website to 4UMaps,
and take care that the 4UMaps copyright label is visible on the map.

You are allowed to embed 4UMaps into your private or club website.

If you expect heavy traffic from your application or website,

please contact the web master in advance.

Any kind of commercial use is not permitted, except you have an explicit license agreement.
Please contact the web master for a commercial license.


Vector City Maps

The map is royalty-free. After the payment you can use the map where and how often you want.

You are allowed to copy or modify, print or reuse the map.There are no commercial usage restrictions.
Since the map is based on Openstreetmap data, the map must contain the copyright hint:

"Data CC BY-SA by OpenStreetMap".


Limited right of revocation for the purchase of digital maps

4UMaps.com grants a limited right of revocation when purchasing digital vector maps.

This only applies in the case of serious display errors on the map.

In this case you grant 4UMaps.com the right to rectification.

4UMaps.com vector maps are based on Openstreetmap data, which can be erroneous.

This does not constitute a defect within the meaning of the right of revocation.


© 4UMaps.com

© OpenStreetMap and contributors, CC BY-SA


Map Content

4UMaps are based on Open Streetmap data.

4UMaps may contain errors or may be incomplete.

You use the 4UMaps on your own risk.