Vector City Maps, outdoor, hike and mountain bike maps

4UMaps are vector city maps, topographic outdoor, hike and mountain bike maps based on OpenStreetmap data. The map contains everything you need for any kind of back country activity like hiking, mountain biking, cycling, climbing etc. 4UMaps has elevation lines, hill shading, peak height and name, streets, ways, tracks and trails, as well as springs, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shelters etc.


Topographic Online Map

Online Outdoor hike mountain bike map


4UMaps are available for


North Africa

South Canada


Far East: India, China, Japan, Korea....

Australia, New Zealand


The render style is optimized for a high contrast level to be used for outdoor navigation with outdoor devices like Smartphones, Garmins etc.

4UMaps are device independent, and can be used on any device that can display raster maps.


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If you want to use 4UMaps to create and plan your own back country activities:

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If you want to help to improve the map and you want to add missing ways/features in your area, join the OpenStreetMap project.