Download topographic outdoor, hiking and mountainbike maps



The maps are rendered in the 4UMaps style perfect e.g. for hiking, cycling and mountain biking.


Note: This topographic outdoor, hiking and mountainbike maps are based on OpenStreetmap data. The maps may contain errors or may be incomplete. You use the maps on your own risk.

Missing maps for your own mobile device or location?
Take County-City Maps, or use Mobile Atlas Creator to create your own 4UMaps.

Printing 4UMaps:

Download the "General image map" version of the map and print it locally
Or use Mobile Atlas Creator and select "Paper Atlas (PDF)".
Or plan a trip in QLandkarteGT and print it together with your route

4UMaps can also be used on Garmin devices.
Use Mobile Atlas Creator and select "Garmin Custom Map (KMZ)".

Map types:
"OruxMaps/Locus raster maps" are maps for the most popular Android Smartphone Apps OruxMaps  and Locus Maps . They contain 4UMaps already as on-line maps.
"General image maps" are large images that you can directly view in your browser, or use for prints.

Innsbruck,Tyrol,Bavaria Details / Download Map
Salzburg,Bavaria Details / Download Map
Allgäu,Bavaria,Bregenz,Vorarlberg Details / Download Map