4UMaps Premium Topo Maps




The maximum standard zoom level of 4UMaps is level 15. This is sufficient for the most users, since outdoor apps allow additionally a digital zoom. Sure, the image quality will decrease with a digital zoom, on the other hand, the map size stays compact. However, some users have the requirement to get more zoom levels, the solution is simple:

Premium Topo Maps

based on the 4UMaps map technology for any place on the planet. The zoom goes down to level 17 with much more map details e.g. gates, toilets, petrol stations, house numbers etc. See the example map below:



The facts

  • Your private premium map covers an area of 2500Km^2, or 50Km x 50Km (e.g. the red square in the example above).
  • Additional zoom level 16 and 17
  • The map will be hosted for you for a limited time of 3 month on the 4UMaps server
  • Full access to your premium topo map with MobileAtlasCreator to create your private maps in your preferred file format
  • Premium Maps are available for any place on earth, even outside of the actual 4UMaps map area
  • Your premium map will be calculated based on the latest OpenStreetMap data within max. 24h
  • The price is 20€ per premium map



For order details contact: