Add 4UMaps To Your Website




Embedding 4UMaps into your website is very easy.

Please check the Terms of use and Copyright conditions in advance.



  1. Open the 4UMaps map and navigate and zoom to the area you want to embed

  2. Right click the "Permalink" item in the right bottom corner and select Copy Link Address

  3. Add the following code into your website and paste the code from the link above between the "" in line 2.

<iframe marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="500" width="700">

Line 2 contains the selected zoom level and the position of the map.
In line 3 you can change the size of the map and display it with or without a frame.

4UMaps, Wordpress and the OSM Plugin

If you are using Wordpress for your website and you want to add 4UMaps hiking maps, this can be done with the OSM Plugin.

See this example : Mountain bike the Camino Santiago

By adding the following example code into the text editor:

[osm_map lat="45.03" lon="4.04" zoom="9" width="100%" height="600" extmap_type="OSM" extmap_name="4UMaps"
extmap_address="${z}/${x}/${y}.png" extmap_init="numZoomLevels: 16, transitionEffect: 'resize',
sphericalMercator: true" type="ext"

lat / lon : is the center position of the map

extmap_address : is the address of the 4UMaps tileserver

gpx_file : If you want to display a gps track file. Note: If your webserver has problems displaying the gps track, rename it to .txt